Secure Shredding Services

ZircoDATA protects organisations from the risks of an information breach with secure document destruction, paper shredding and media disposal services.

Versatile Shredding Services for Your Unique Security Needs

Discover our array of paper shredding solutions designed to accommodate the specific security requirements of various operations. Locally based and accredited, ZircoDATA Singapore is your trusted shredding services partner.

One Time Shredding

Old documents piling up? Get our once off secure and confidential document destruction service.

Regular Scheduled Shredding

Get a regular paper shredding service to keep your information secure while eliminating the need for storage space.

Mobile On-site Shredding

ZircoDATA offers on-site, mobile paper shredding services designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Specialty Shredding

From identity cards to uniforms, speciality shredding destroys information wherever it’s found.

Hard Drive Destruction

Protect your business by properly disposing of unwanted data & hard drives.

Media Destruction

Confidential information can be found on more than paper. We destroy CD-ROMs, USB drives, data tapes & more.

Protecting your confidential information is our mission

Leading organisations choose ZircoDATA to provide document security, ensure information privacy and consistently achieve compliance.

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Customers across Australia and Singapore
Specialist Shredding Vehicles

We securely destroy non-paper sources of confidential information.

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Medical Records


Credit Cards

ID Badges

Branded Goods

Promotional Items

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Choose when and where you want your service.

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ZircoDATA Arrives

We arrive on the scheduled date, collect your confidential information and securely shred it.


Records Destroyed

All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. All destroyed paper is securely recycled.

The Strategic Edge To Hiring Paper Shredding Services

Employing professional document shredding services from ZircoDATA is a decisive step towards fortifying your operations and safeguarding your organisation's reputation. Here are more reasons why it's a prudent measure for most companies:

  • Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

    Enlisting professional paper shredding services helps your organisation adhere to industry-specific legal and regulatory requirements. By systematically eliminating outdated or unnecessary documents, you ensure only relevant records are retained, promoting operational transparency and accountability.

  • Robust Defence Against Data Breaches

    Data breaches can have catastrophic effects on a company’s brand image and financial standing. Employing meticulous document shredding and destruction practices substantially diminishes the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, thus providing a solid foundation for your data security strategy.

  • Cost Efficiency and Space Optimisation

    Outsourcing shredding services translates to significant cost savings, eliminating the need for in-house shredding equipment, maintenance and personnel. Moreover, regular paper shredding liberates valuable office space previously occupied by obsolete documents. This streamlined approach boosts operational efficiency while reducing unnecessary expenditures.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Engaging with a paper shredding service that recycles the shredded material demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to environmental sustainability. By opting for eco-conscious document destruction, companies not only adhere to a high standard of data security but also contribute positively to environmental conservation efforts.

  • Certified Destruction for the Added Layer of Confidence

    When you entrust document destruction and paper shredding needs to ZircoDATA, you receive a certificate of destruction for every service. This document serves as verifiable proof that all sensitive materials have been securely destroyed, aligning with legal and industry standards. It’s an indispensable asset for audit trails, providing tangible evidence of compliant data handling practices. This certification augments the trust and confidence of stakeholders and fortifies the integrity of your data protocols.

  • Employ Superior Shredding Solutions Now

    Unlock a higher level of data security with ZircoDATA’s tailored shredding services, extending from paper to media destruction, hard drive and speciality shredding. Contact us for a quote or further details, and take a decisive step towards safeguarding your organisational integrity. Leverage our expertise and elevate your organisation’s security and compliance today.

You Can Trust us to Protect Your Information

Leading organisations choose ZircoDATA to provide document security, ensure information privacy, and enable compliance.

Accreditations, Compliance And Memberships


i-SIGMA member

Adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA®).

bizSAFE Accredited

bizSAFE level 3 accredited. The bizSAFE programme promotes workplace safety and health.

ABS Certified

Certified by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) as an approved outsourced service provider. OSPAR (Outsourced Service Provider’s Audit Report) assesses control and governance, and standardises requirements and auditing processes for firms providing services to the financial industry, confirmed by an annual independent audit.

GWDFs Licence

General Waste Disposal Facilities (GWDFs) licenced, issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The GWDFs licence allows ZircoDATA's facilities to receive, store, process or treat different types of waste such as e-waste.