Shredding Services For The Insurance Industry

Secure Shredding and Data Destruction Services for the Insurance Industry

As an insurance company or insurance broker, your core responsibility is to offer customers the assurance that their assets are adequately safeguarded against potential losses, theft, or damage. However, the cornerstone of your relationship with clients rests on the pillars of transparency, confidentiality, and trust.

Identity thieves have increasingly recognised that insurance providers hold substantial volumes of personal data about their policyholders, which makes them attractive targets for fraudulent activities. In the wake of numerous high-profile data breaches, the procedures employed by insurance firms in the acquisition, storage, and disposal of sensitive information have come under heightened scrutiny. This heightened scrutiny is further compounded by the introduction of GDPR, which underscores the obligation to maintain the privacy and security of customer data in your care.

ZircoDATA’s array of services, spanning from paper shredding to media and data destruction, serves as a vital safeguard to ensure the protection of confidential information. This, in turn, fortifies the security of your business operations while simultaneously aligning with GDPR compliance.

The security of your business is intricately linked to the security of your clients’ private information. As customers entrust you with their most sensitive data, it is imperative to reciprocate with a commitment to the highest standards of data security. ZircoDATA is your partner in this endeavour, ensuring that your insurance business adheres to the stringent protocols necessary to maintain data privacy.

Your commitment to data security resonates beyond the protection of your business; it underlines your commitment to safeguarding the trust and reputation that clients place in you. Choose ZircoDATA to uphold the highest standards of data security and GDPR compliance. Protect your business, protect your reputation – with ZircoDATA.

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Secure Shredding and destruction services

A stack of documents on a bright background

One Time Shredding

Old documents piling up? Get our once off secure and confidential document destruction service.
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Regular Scheduled Shredding

Get a regular paper shredding service to keep your information secure while eliminating the need for storage space.

Mobile On-Site Shredding

ZircoDATA offers on-site, mobile paper shredding services designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation.
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Specialty Shredding

From identity cards to uniforms, speciality shredding destroys information wherever it’s found.
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Hard Drive Destruction

Protect your business by properly disposing of unwanted data & hard drives.
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Media Destruction

Confidential information can be found on more than paper. We destroy CD-ROMs, USB drives, data tapes & more.

Protect Insurance Data With Our Secure Shredding Services

Not everything your organisation collects, stores, or handles is digital. When records and documents are printed, or reports are circulated for a meeting, they are at risk of getting into the wrong hands if they are not handled and disposed of properly and securely.

For that reason, every insurance organisation is at risk regardless of size, type, or location. But in an industry that relies on privacy, the reality is that many information breaches happen not just because of inferior firewalls or weak passwords, but because of employee error or negligence.

So, you may be doing everything you can but one member of staff casually dropping an old medical report or prescription into a recycling bin can undo everything.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Applies to all companies that handle the personal data of EU residents, including companies that are established outside the EU if they offer goods or services to EU residents or monitor their behaviour.

Financial documents stored in filing cabinets.

Learn To Recognise The Risk

In the insurance industry, it’s a safe bet that every document you or your employees handle contains some form of confidential information. Whether it’s client records or business reports, or your own financial reports and billing data, you have a lot of information to secure. If you create, collect, or dispose of these types of documents, you and your organisation could be at-risk for an information breach.

The ZircoDATA Advantage

ZircoDATA protects organisations' information for their people, customers and brands. With over 25 years of experience, our primary focus on document security helps ensure your confidential information remains uncompromised. We offer paper, hard drive and speciality shredding services.

Service Reliability

Service Reliability

With an extensive fleet of shredding vehicles, our reach extends across diverse regions, guaranteeing availability wherever you are. This vast connectivity empowers us to deliver dependable scheduled shredding services - addressing your requirements with unmatched professionalism and quickness.
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Security Expertise

ZircoDATA is an i-SIGMA member, adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the International Secure Information Governance & Management AssociationTM (i-SIGMA®). We keep your information safe.
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Customer Experience

Our customers rely on our breadth of solutions, scale, and unmatched network of resources to protect their information. We are committed to customer protection and satisfaction.