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Shredding for Sustainability Reduces Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

In our increasingly digital world, paper remains a ubiquitous tool in most offices. However, improper disposal of paper, documents, and files may inadvertently contribute to your business’s carbon footprint, with…

16 Jun, 2023

On-Site Shredding Services: Unveiling the Benefits for Your Business

Inadequate handling of confidential data can elevate the risk of a data breach. Hence, opting for an on-site shredding service stands out as one of the most secure solutions. On-site…

16 May, 2022

Understanding Electronic Waste and Why it’s Problematic

In recent years, both small and large businesses have increasingly relied on a blend of traditional and digital storage for their confidential documents. However, the storage and transfer of digital…

11 May, 2022

ZircoDATA’s Document Shredding Lifecycle: Ensuring Secure Recycling

In today’s business landscape, the importance of safeguarding private information cannot be overstated. Protecting confidential data is not only essential for reducing the risk of a data breach but also…

21 Apr, 2022
6 Inadvisable Methods to Handle Old Hard Drives

6 Inadvisable Methods to Handle Old Hard Drives

Once upon a time, placing magnets on a computer hard drive may have effectively destroyed hard drive data when disposing of old hard drives. But today’s hard drives are more…

13 Jan, 2022

ZircoDATA Fact Sheets

Download ZircoDATA’s ‘What to Shred’ fact sheet By law you must protect personal data and confidential information of your customers, employees and your company. Entities must take reasonable steps to…

01 Jul, 2021
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