Regular Shredding Services

Protect your information with ZircoDATA's regularly scheduled shredding service. Enjoy seamless protection of your sensitive documents from collection to destruction while adhering to the highest industry standards.

Secure Scheduled Document Shredding

The most common way confidential information gets into the wrong hands is when it's not handled appropriately. With ZircoDATA's secure document destruction, all paper documents can go into our tamper-proof containers, where they're destroyed and recycled securely. And with a scheduled service, you're not just protected on shredding day but every day.

What you can expect with a regularly scheduled document shredding service

image Regularly scheduled pickups around your business’s specific hours, with additional pickups available as needed
image Secure, locked containers in your office
image On-site or off-site service is available to meet your document shredding needs
image A Certificate of Destruction after every service
image All shredded paper is securely recycled

The Upside to Choosing Scheduled Shredding Services

Our regularly scheduled shredding service ensures the safe and compliant disposal of sensitive documents, aligning with your unique business needs. Embrace peace of mind and operational efficiency with ZircoDATA.

Continuous Security

Engage in a regularly scheduled shredding service to establish an unbroken chain of security, ensuring confidential information remains protected from potential breaches during its lifecycle.

Regulatory Adherence

Employ our scheduled document shredding to effortlessly comply with industry regulations and data protection laws, reducing the manual workload involved in document disposal management.

Sustainable Practices

When you choose ZircoDATA’s scheduled shredding services, you participate in eco-responsible waste management. Our procedures ensure that all shredded material is recycled, aligning with your sustainability objectives.

Customised Scheduling

Our scheduled shredding services' tailored intervals align with your operational rhythm, guaranteeing a smooth document disposal process that blends with your business workflow.

Cost Management

Scheduled document shredding emerges as a cost-effective strategy for document disposal management, which helps reduce in-house handling and destruction expenditures.

Space Efficiency

Eradicate clutter and enhance office space by adopting a scheduled document shredding service, fostering a more orderly and productive work environment.

Expert Assistance

Leverage the proficiency of seasoned professionals in ensuring a secure, compliant and streamlined document shredding process, augmenting your business's operational efficiency.

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ZircoDATA Secure Chain-of-Custody

Our better-than-industry standards start with our secure chain of custody protocols. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure end-to-end tracking of your materials:

GPS-Tracked Fleet

GPS-tracked fleets provide end-to-end tracking of your material

Locked Trucks

Locked trucks keep information safe in transit

Secured Monitored Facilities

Secure, monitored facilities protect your information before it's destroyed

Secure Consoles

Secure containers keep information safe

Certificate of Destruction

Certificate of Destruction certifies that your material was destroyed in a compliant manner

The ZircoDATA Advantage — Leading in Secure Document Destruction

ZircoDATA protects organisations' information for their people, customers and brands. With over 25 years of experience, our primary focus on document security helps ensure your confidential information remains confidential. We offer paper, hard drive and speciality shredding services.


Service Reliability

With an extensive fleet of shredding vehicles, our reach extends across diverse regions, guaranteeing availability wherever you are. This vast connectivity empowers us to deliver dependable scheduled shredding services — addressing your requirements with unmatched professionalism and quickness.

Security Expertise

ZircoDATA is an i-SIGMA member, adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the International Secure Information Governance & Management AssociationTM (i-SIGMA®). We keep your information safe.

Customer Experience

Our customers rely on our breadth of solutions, scale, and unmatched network of resources to protect their information. We are committed to customer protection and satisfaction.

Secure Shredding and destruction services

Explore our diverse range of secure shredding and destruction services, tailored to safeguard your sensitive information against unauthorised access and data breaches.

A stack of documents on a bright background

One-time Paper Shredding

Boxes and filing cabinets stuffed with old documents? Get our one-off secure and confidential document destruction service.

Mobile On-Site Shredding

ZircoDATA's secure on-site, mobile shredding services come to you.

Hard Drive Destruction

Sorting or just erasing obsolete hard drives could cost you millions in a data breach. Let us securely destroy your electronic data.

Media Destruction Service

Confidential information can be found on more than paper. We destroy CD-ROMs, USB drives, data tapes and more.

Specialty Shredding

From uniforms to identity cards, speciality shredding destroys information in multiple formats.

Transition To Scheduled Document Shredding Today

Now is the time to enhance your business’s data protection protocol with our scheduled shredding services. Enjoy a secure, compliant, eco-friendly document disposal solution tailored to your operations. Contact us for a free quote or more information and gain peace of mind today.