Shredding Service Prices

Investing in shredding services can prevent potentially costly security breaches, safeguarding your finances and reputation.

Prices For Paper Shredding And Confidential Waste Disposal

Document destruction companies vary in quality, and selecting the right information security partner is crucial, as security breaches can result in substantial financial losses and damage to reputation.

ZircoSHRED we will evaluate your requirements and create a customised plan to provide top-notch protection and service for a nominal daily cost.

The shredded paper on light blue background.

Regular Scheduled

Add regularly scheduled shredding services for consistent, secure, and convenient document disposal, ensuring the ongoing protection of sensitive information and compliance with data privacy regulations.

  • Regularly scheduled shredding services
  • Variety of security units available
  • All services performed by security professionals
  • Material is securely recycled
  • Certificate of Destruction following each service
A stack of documents on a bright background

One Time Shredding

If you find yourself overwhelmed with stacks of storage boxes or overflowing filing cabinets, make use of our single-session paper shredding clear-out service. Contact us to arrange a one-time purge.

  • One time clear out
  • Service performed by security professionals
  • Any number of storage boxes
  • Material is securely recycled
  • Certificate of Destruction following each service
computer external hard drives on white background

Hard Drive Destruction

For old hard drives, flash drives, and other media, physical destruction ensures total data eradication. Whether used independently or as part of a scheduled service, hard drive destruction is perfect for discarding unwanted devices.

  • Obsolete laptop and desktop hard drives
  • USB flash drives and external hard drives
  • Out-of-service server hard drives
  • Photocopier hard drives
  • CD’s and many other end of life media devices