How storing records offsite can help reduce office size

The focus of office organisation and document management is typically on enhancing efficiency and improving day-to-day operations. But in the face of growing clutter and dwindling workspace in Australian workplaces, it might be time to rethink our approach to office space. 

Recent trends suggest a decrease in the average workspace per employee. A decade ago, individual workspaces were more spacious. Fast forward to today, and the square footage allocated per worker has seen a significant reduction. The contraction doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, with expectations that it will further diminish in the coming five years. 

In response, there’s been a noticeable shift from individual office spaces to shared collaborative spaces. But not everyone is in favour of this change, with a considerable portion of businesses expressing concerns that this shift could negatively affect performance. 

One potential solution to this issue lies in the use of local document storage facilities. Businesses that are looking to expand but not wanting to upgrade or relocate their offices could find this an economically viable solution. Offsite document storage allows you to make better use of your current space, freeing up room in the workplace without needing to discard crucial documentation. 

As office spaces continue to shrink, utilising a document storage and information management service can be a useful strategy. It enables businesses to organise their files effectively, maintain high productivity levels, and keep workspaces free from clutter.