Preserve, restore, convert and securely store your tapes and historical media.

Tape restoration and virtualisation

Our restoration and conversion experts deal with many data recovery requests, from ad-hoc emergency requirements, to cataloguing and maintaining a database of historical media. From start to finish, we will carefully collect your tapes, securely transport them and begin the restoration and/or conversion process before securely delivering them back to you in the format of your choice.

Tape Storage Media Vaults

Tapes can easily get damaged if not stored in appropriately controlled environments. The heat, cold and humidity can all affect the condition of your tapes. We offer solutions that will help to preserve your tapes and increase their longevity, but more importantly, retain the information stored on them. Our media vaults are climate controlled by state-of-the art ventilation and cooling systems and will store your tapes in optimal conditions to prevent damage from occurring. Not only are they highly secure with biometric access and monitored 24 hours a day, but constructed from the highest grade fireproof material. This ensures your tapes are in the safest place possible, away from threat and protected in the event of a disaster, whilst remaining accessible to you as required.