Preserve, restore, convert and securely store your tapes and historical media.

Tape restoration and virtualisation

At ZircoDATA, our team of restoration and conversion experts goes above and beyond in addressing diverse data recovery demands. Our restoration and conversion experts deal with many data recovery requests, from ad-hoc emergency requirements, to cataloguing and maintaining a database of historical media. From start to finish, we will carefully collect your tapes, securely transport them and begin the restoration and/or conversion process before securely delivering them back to you in the format of your choice.

Tape Storage Media Vaults

Tapes can easily get damaged if not stored in appropriately controlled environments. The heat, cold and humidity can all affect the condition of your tapes. We offer solutions that will not only help to preserve your tapes and increase their longevity, but, more importantly, also retain the information stored on them. Our services include tape backup and media storage to ensure that all your valued information stays secure, even for long periods of time.

No need to worry about the safety of your stored media. Our off-site storage features media vaults that are climate controlled by state-of-the- art ventilation and cooling systems and will store your tapes in optimal conditions to prevent damage from occurring. Not only is our media storage highly secure with biometric access and monitored 24 hours a day, but our vaults are also constructed from the highest- grade fireproof material. This ensures your tapes, from original copies to backup media, are in the safest place possible, away from threat and protected in the event of a disaster, whilst remaining accessible to you as required.

Historical Media to Restore

At ZircoDATA, our expertise extends to a wide range of historical media. For restoration, storage and tape drive backup, we can accept the following:

  • Cassettes and cassette tapes
  • Backup tapes
  • Vintage recordings
  • Historical interviews
  • Irreplaceable moments captured on tape
  • And more!

Every restoration undertaken by our specialists is marked by meticulous attention to detail. The goal is not just recovery but the enhancement of audio and visual quality. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and time-tested techniques, we guarantee that each historical media artefact is restored to the highest quality possible. Choose our media restoration and backup storage services for a journey through time, where historical media is not just preserved but revived with precision and care.

The Expertise Behind Restoration: What Our Experts Do

Our restoration and conversion experts have a wealth of experience in dealing with a diverse array of tape formats. From iconic cassettes to crucial backup media, we can work with any and all formats. The process of media restoration and tape storage differs, but typically it entails the following steps:

In-depth tape format analysis — Our experts inspect the specific tape format to understand the unique characteristics and needs for restoration.

Content recovery planning — Our team strategises how to retrieve and preserve the information stored on the tape.

Enhancement of audio and visual quality — Employing cutting-edge technology, our experts fine-tune the restored content for better clarity and richness.

Tailored techniques for each format — Whether it’s the warmth of vintage cassettes or the precision required for backup media, we implement format-specific methodologies to guarantee the preservation of unique characteristics.

Continuous quality monitoring — Our team implements stringent checks to ensure the consistent quality of our service, from content recovery to the final enhancements.

The Importance of Tape Restoration: Preserving Your Historical Legacy

The need for media restoration, tape backup and long-term storage applies to organisations and individuals alike. Our services are poised to help you preserve history and ensure valued information and media remain available for generations to come. Here’s what our media storage and restoration services aim to offer:

Restoration as heritage protection — Tape restoration isn’t just a service you avail — it’s a reliable shield for any organisation and individual with invaluable historical data. In a digital-centric era, tapes, with their tangible nature, play a crucial role in maintaining a practical link to history that outlasts fleeting digital trends. Tapes endure as physical artefacts and allow future generations to interact with history in a hands-on manner. We can bypass obsolescence with expert media storage and tape drive backup.

Storing irreplaceable moments — Our tape restoration and media storage services ensure precious moments captured on tapes remain vivid and accessible across time. Beyond safeguarding data, we can preserve the emotional and cultural significance embedded in each recording. By offering secure and accessible media storage, we empower organisations and individuals to protect their legacies.

Secure and accessible repositories — Our services, which encompass tape restoration to off-site storage, provide secure and accessible repositories for your media. This ensures that your historical treasures are not only well-preserved but also readily available whenever needed. Whether for research, educational purposes or a stroll down memory lane, we can ensure the continuity of your media.

Trust ZircoDATA to restore and store your media

Ready to safeguard your legacy for generations? Contact ZircoDATA, where historical media isn’t just preserved but revived with precision and care! Our dedicated team of experts can handle a diverse range of tape formats, from vintage cassettes to more modern backup tapes. Trust us to implement format-specific methodologies tailored to the unique characteristics of each media type.

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