Schedule of Ancillary Charges


Container Key
Delivery Fee
Regularly scheduled or ad hoc customers who require an emergency delivery of
their container key out of their regular shredding service schedule. Or replacement key delivery.
$30.00 (postage)
$60.00 (physical delivery Metro only)
Container Pick-up Fee Regularly scheduled customers who terminate their contract early or who choose not to renew at the end of their contract Service Fee
Relocation Fee
Regularly scheduled customers who are moving offices and require
their containers relocated.
Service Fee + $60.00
Contamination Fee Regularly scheduled and one-off service customers who deposit non-paper items into the bin Equal to 1.75 x per bin fee on agreement
Futile Charge Customer shall pay the minimum charge if the customer declines or cancels a scheduled service or if the customer’s offices are closed at the time of a scheduled service Contract Minimum Charge
Pick-up Fee
Regularly scheduled customers who require a an off-cycle shred service Contract Service Fee
Lost or Damaged Container Fee Regularly scheduled customers that require console replacement due to non-wear and tear related reasons (loss, theft, or damage) $99.00 per bin
Additional Console Installs Customers who require further consoles to be delivered and installed in addition to their initial allocation 1-3 Containers = $45.00 plus $6.00 per Container over 3


Fuel Surcharge

Effective August 2022, ZircoDATA implemented a fuel surcharge that currently is adjusted monthly based on the national average price of diesel detailed by

Fuel Surcharge calculation methodology

Calculation of the fuel surcharge is based on two main factors, the invoice subtotal before GST and the current price per litre of fuel. Based on the price per litre of fuel, a fuel surcharge percentage is applied to your invoice subtotal before GST.

The percentage is determined using the following table:

Diesel Fuel Price (AUD $/1,000 litres)
at least: but less than: Surcharge %
0 1,500 4.00%
1,500 1,600 4.50%
1,600 1,700 5.00%
1,700 1,800 5.50%
1,800 1,900 6.00%
1,900 2,000 6.50%
2,000 2,100 7.00%
2,100 2,200 7.50%
2,200 2,300 8.00%
2,300 2,400 8.50%
2,400 2,500 9.00%
2,500 2,600 9.50%
2,600 2,700 10.00%
2,700 2,800 10.50%
2,800 2,900 11.00%
2,900 3,000 11.50%
3,000 + 12.00%


Calculation example:

If your invoice subtotal is A$100.00, and the Australian Institute of Petroleum National Prices Diesel Fuel rate at the commencement of the billing month is A$1,900/1,000 litres, the total surcharge would be 6.5% based on the table above.

It is calculated as follows:

Invoice subtotal excluding tax: A$100.00
Fuel surcharge A$6.50 (6.5% * A$100 = A$6.50)
Total amount excluding tax A$106.50