Businesses can be impacted by thousands of laws and regulations that affect their records retention policies, often having multiple systems of record, including paper and digital records, stored in physical and/or digital repositories, either on-site, offsite or in the cloud.

With up to 200 updates for laws and regulations relating to records management made everyday, Virgo by Access* is a proven solution comprehensively researched by lawyers and paralegals to provide automated updates to your retention policies. Virgo is easy to use, audit ready and reduces the cost and time associated with internal and external legal reviews, as well as the internal manual work-effort required from records management, privacy and data protection staff. Virgo is a simple to use yet powerful cloud-based solution for publishing policies to content repositories and creating defensible record policies linked to up-to-date legal research.

Virgo is supported by a team of legal experts who monitor over 220,000 laws and regulations in over 200 jurisdictions around the world. It is a single source of truth for retention and disposal compliance obligations for all systems of record or repositories, lowering maintenance and review costs and reducing risk of compliance gaps.

Virgo Software built with Information Governance Principles

Virgo delivers automated retention management, linking regulatory requirements to record series in a retention schedule. Virgo is a solution that provides a bridge to defensible Information Governance, with its integrated compliance to streamline existing business process to future-proof records retention and disposal management.

Watch our recent webinar “Best-Practice Retention Management In A Complex Regulatory Environment” and learn more about Virgo here.


Defensible Information Governance

Your business is producing and capturing new content every day, across multiple systems. With Virgo, policy is defined once and can be published to your content repositories. Eliminate painful updates to retention policy enforcement once and for all by automating retention updates. Virgo Software increases business agility through automation – reducing common tasks like monitoring, reviews by multiple stakeholders, validation, troubleshooting and more.

Integrated Compliance

Reduce risk and enforce policy standards for records with integrated compliance brought to you from a team of legal, information governance and records management experts. Ensure your records retention and disposal program adheres to laws, regulations and requirements that are both industry agnostic and industry specific. Collaborate on your policies with other key stakeholders across the organisation. Virgo’s record-keeping legal citations map over 220,000 records management obligations in 200 jurisdictions worldwide. Deliver audit-ready Retention Management policies with Virgo.

Future-Proofed Records and Information Management

Virgo will meet your record management program’s future records retention and disposal needs. By providing a common model for managing retention in your current environment, Virgo is the ideal software to fill the existing major gap of maintaining currency with regulatory compliance. Virgo will always be in synch with the latest legal and compliance regulations in real-time as a secure cloud-based solution with global coverage.

Key features

image Delivery of up-to-date changes to laws and regulations that impact all records series/classes
image Secure environment to inventory private and sensitive information
image Deep visibility through audit trails for change tracking
image Centralised retention schedule management
image Unified monitoring and visibility through customisable regulatory reports
image Scalable and protected cloud-based software solution
image Implementation support from an expert team of attorneys, paralegals and certified records managers

Key benefits

image Reduce risk and cost of governance for a retention and disposal program
image Increased precision and accuracy of retention schedules
image Maintain a single source of truth for records and data retention, including for privacy
image Defensible information retention, privacy, and security
image Improved consistency of retention policy enforcement across the organisation
image Simplest way to address privacy mandates in the context of retention policies
image Eliminate the pain and complexity of managing retention schedules in Word/Excel

*About Access

Access is a ZircoDATA partner and Access is the largest privately-held records and information management services provider worldwide, with operations across the United States, Canada, Central and South America. Access provides transformative services, expertise, and technologies to make organisations more efficient and more compliant.