Document scanning solutions

Whether it’s for compliance purposes, to create business efficiencies, for an office move, or to drive digital innovation that delivers ease of use, storage and access to your important records, our document scanning and imaging solutions convert your information into a discoverable database, with processes that ensure minimal downtime for your business.

With capability to scan a variety of document and records types and create digital archives of your information, ZircoDATA can convert your seemingly endless paper documents into digital images that will transform your ability to manage and access your records. No matter the size of the project, our document scanning experts can handle any digital conversion activity to support your business objectives.

Scan on Demand

A pay-as-you-go document scanning solution that delivers easy access to your important records already stored with ZircoDATA through the retrieval, preparation, scan and delivery of the document or file required.

Backfile scanning

ZircoDATA will identify, prioritise and convert all your old records to digital images providing renewed ease of access to your important information through ZircoBRIDGE, our customer portal or shared with you for ingestion into your own digital repository.

Day forward scanning

Reduce the impact of ever-growing paper records by converting documents to a digital format as they enter your organisation from a set point in time with our day forward document scanning solution.

Benefits of document Scanning & Digitisation

image Supports remote working and collaboration
Electronic records support hybrid environments and collaboration between employees across departments, buildings and even countries
image Comply with audit requirements
Secure document scanning and digitisation services can make it easier to fulfill legal scanning services and regulatory obligations. The ability to organise, index and produce documents quickly improves the auditing experience.
image Improve customer service
An efficient document indexing, scanning and digitisation process increases the speed to provide information to your customers through a reduction in time searching for files.
image Create more office space
Free up valuable office space by removing filing cabinets and clearing store rooms
image Improve data security
Our secure Scanning documents and document digitisation services provide additional data security including data encryption, password protection and secure scanning storage.

Streamline Your Business Operations with Our Structured Document Scanning Digitisation Process

It is critical that every organisation understands the value of document scanning and digitisation solutions. Organisations can expend a significant amount of time, money, space and effort to internally manage the document digitisation process including the scanning, processing and storage of documents. 

With the help of ZircoData’s document digitisation & imaging services, your company will outsource operational document scanning tasks and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your document workflows and processes.

image Gather Documents and Data
We retrieve or collect all documents that form part of the digitisation project and temporarily store them in a designated safe location for further processing.
image Documents Preparation
We then prepare all documents and records for scanning, including the removal of bindings, staples and clips – ensuring the integrity of your records every step of the way.
image Document Scanning
Our secure document scanning services utilise high-quality scanners to guarantee outstanding image quality to meet your expectations.
image Processing and Output
After scanning, the hard copy files and documents are returned to storage for easy access. The digital outputs are available in a variety of formats and can be delivered through a range of flexible and secure options to meet your needs.
image Secured Storage
ZircoDATA offers a range of secure storage options, including climate control and vault services for the valuable records and information.

Why Choose ZircoDATA Document Digitisation and Scanning Services?

Document scanning can help solve hardcopy document storage challenges, with all scanned content preserved in digital format, stored in the cloud and readily available for easy access.

ZircoDATA offers outsourced document scanning and digitisation services to assist you in converting unstructured physical data into XML, CSV, XLS and other formats. The structured formats make it simple to exchange safely and securely with others.

Outsourcing document scanning services allows for remote cooperation among staff and makes document transmission easier without having to worry about data breaches, weather, theft, loss, or other issues.

Document scanning is one of the most effective methods for making company operations more efficient, streamlined and is often the first step on an organisation’s digital transformation journey.


Why should documents be digitised?

Often the first step in an organisation’s digital transformation journey, document scanning improves ease of access to important records, frees up space usually required for physical storage and helps deliver a range of other operational improvements.  

Does ZircoDATA Support On-Site Document Scanning Services?

Yes, ZircoDATA provides a full range of document scanning, imaging and workflow automation solutions.  We work with customers across all key industries on solutions that suit individual organisation’s needs and deliver operational value.