Risks of stranded records

Let’s consider how many software applications you utilize on a daily basis for your work. Add to that, the apps you infrequently use but store important digital records for your business. Most mid-size to large companies typically manage many such legacy systems. Some are in active use, but many are kept because they hold necessary records as per regulatory standards. 

Maintaining numerous legacy systems can become quite a daunting task. And in extreme cases, this leads to an overwhelming number of such systems. 

Our research also shows that maintaining these outdated systems is an expensive affair for larger businesses. Moreover, the situation where crucial records are stuck in these systems can put organisations at risk. 

Why Are Stuck Records a Problem? 

With time, legacy systems fall behind modern platforms in terms of speed and efficiency. This makes them hard to use and maintain. Additionally, finding staff skilled enough to manage them becomes a challenge. For many businesses, shifting documents to an old system becomes a time-consuming and complicated process, particularly when resources are limited. 

Therefore, businesses often find themselves caught in a tough spot where these applications are necessary but complex to use, expensive to maintain, and require specially trained staff to handle them. 

The Risks of Keeping Outdated Systems 

In many instances, the content stored in these legacy systems is required to be retained and monitored for long periods. A common struggle businesses share is their inability to retire older applications due to the valuable records they contain and a lack of a superior solution. 

The seemingly simple solution would be to extract the files from the aging system. But in reality, it can turn into an expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone task if not automated. 

The Solution to This Issue 

Every record goes through its own unique lifecycle. It needs to be captured, tagged with the correct metadata, and disposed of once it reaches the end of its life. 

The ideal solution for extracting such records should be able to centralize and safeguard files, allow secure collaboration, efficiently extract records, securely track records, search records using their metadata, and apply metadata using AI technologies. 

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