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Australian Leading Wealth Management Brand


One of Australia’s leading wealth management brands recently announced that it would no longer be providing personal financial advice through authorised representatives. A large-scale project was required to digitise all customer records that were held across a number of financial practices across Australia in a limited two month timeframe.

ZircoDATA was engaged to assist with the digitisation of these physical records. With the nature of the sensitive financial records and information held at the practices, this posed a challenge in removing files off-premise for scanning to effectively take place.

  • Limited time frame to complete the cataloguing of all files and cartons, collection, scanning and box returns
  • Challenge to get permission to have cartons and files taken off-site for scanning
  • Stringent processes and security requirement to be taken into consideration


ZircoDATA put together a project team to manage and complete this project. Our team put together a robust solution which included on-site cataloguing of all files at practices throughout Australia, collection/uplift, lodgement into our secure facilities, digitisation and re-delivery. Digitised images were provided to Customer securely by physical HDD door to door delivery.

  • Teams across Australia mobilised to simultaneously commence project with on-site cataloguing
  • Over four million images digitised and transferred to Customer
  • Completion of project within expected time frames


Our customer was able to accomplish end-to-end digitisation of client files across Australia without having to engage internal resources and complete the project within the required time frames.

They now have access to all customer files in digital format should they need to urgently find/retrieve any sensitive information, without requesting this from practices and waiting on information.

  • Easy access to digitised files for all practices engaged in the project
  • Due to the success of this initial phase, ZircoDATA was engaged to complete the next stage of this project