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Large Healthcare Organisation


As a primary care hospital caring for a region that homes nearly 800,000 people, our Customer generates significant volumes of paper patient records. These records were stored in a combination of off-site secondary storage, and on-site primary storage. Storage plans had stagnated, and records were building up on-site with no thought to optimise space or improve strategy. In total, over 700,000 patient records were being stored in sub-optimal configuration, including multiple on-site primary storage locations. There were significant challenges posed with on-site storage space.

  • 700,000 patient files in storage
  • Challenges with on-site storage space
  • Multiple storage locations, not all tracked and managed


ZircoDATA built up a relationship with our Customer that allowed us to not only provide a solution to their initial storage queries, but also one that accounted for the specific needs of our Customers business requirements and processes. Boxed medical records were transitioned from an existing secondary storage provider, with individual patient files listed. ZircoDATA completed a cull of several onsite file storage locations, and transitioned files to secondary storage, capturing file data. This opened up space which was subsequently re-purposed. We also introduced new services and began storing media tapes off-site and working with the IT department to optimise their digital storage solutions.

  • 36,000 boxes and 700,000 files uplifted and transitions to storage with ZircoDATA
  • File cataloguing to enable retrieval at individual file level
  • On site culls completed to consolidate older files to secondary storage backup
  • Media tapes uplifted and transitioned to secure vault storage
  • ZircoBRIDGE online portal for management of all records


The benefit to the Customer was the ability to consolidate all secondary storage to a single vendor, with consistent capture of file metadata. Leveraging the capability of the ZircoBRIDGE portal, Health Information Managers across the hospital network are able to easily search and retrieve individual patient records as required.

By clearing onsite storage locations, our Customer was also able to re-purpose valuable space. The regular culling programme introduced by ZircoDATA enables the hospital network to manage on-site files effectively without building up large mountains of backlog paperwork.

  • Consistent capture of file metadata provides ease of management of off-site files
  • Programme to cull on-site records enables Customer to reduce on site storage space and re-purpose for clinical activity