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Large Pharmaceutical Company


This Customer had two large rooms that were full of odd boxes of records. They wanted to be able to use these rooms for office space and needed help to deal with the large amount of paper records. There was no information capture on any of the carton contents and some of these boxes were falling apart. The Customer didn’t have an understanding of their retention schedules and need assistance with putting one in place.

  • Large rooms full with records and unused work space
  • No cataloguing on any of the boxes/records
  • Cartons falling apart
  • No retention schedules in place


ZircoDATA provided on-site labour and cataloguing resources for the entirety of the project. Our project team worked with the Customer to systematically go through the rooms, capturing data and re-packing the majority of boxes. The boxes were then categorised into pallets to be lodged into storage or prepped for destruction.

ZircoDATA provided dedicated transport every day throughout the project to provide new boxes for the Customer and to transport packed boxes back to our secure facility for storage.

All data was captured into our online portal, ZircoBRIDGE to ensure the customer had fast and easy access to their records for retrieval. This option also enabled the customer to add a review date for destruction of records.

  • Daily tracked and efficient file removal
  • On-site team to track, pack, relocate and add files to cartons
  • Provide access to records via online portal, ZircoBRIDGE


By opting to use ZircoDATA Team Member’s to re-pack, catalogue and transfer records on-site, the customer was able to complete the project with minimal disruption to their own business and staff. The time required to complete this was also reduced due to experienced project staff on-site.

Cataloguing the Customer’s content information has enabled them to easily retrieve records should they require them in the future and has enabled them to create a retention schedule for future review/destruction.

The Customer now has two large rooms that they are using for revenue driving activities, rather than storing historical information.

  • Created new workspace for revenue driving activities
  • Enabled Customer to retrieve records in hours or next day should they require
  • Created a retention schedule to drive compliance requirements