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Local Public Hospital


A public hospital in Newcastle, NSW, is one of the major care centres within the Hunter New England Local Health District, delivering more than 340,000 occasions of outpatient services and in excess of 17,000 inpatient treatments per year.

This hospital required more space for their growing on-site patient records storage area by culling years of inactive patient records.

  • Space issue
  • Long on-site turn around for retrieval requests
  • Hospital information management team was wasting valuable time trying to find medical records in unknown storage locations


ZircoDATA provided on-site labour to pull the identified records from the storage shelves, catalogued and packed over 2,000 cartons for the project. Our on-site project team provided the Customer daily lists to allow for tracking of the catalogued files and cartons were collected daily whilst being able to be retrieved for next day delivery if required.

  • Cost effective off-site storage solution
  • By providing an experienced on-site project team, ZircoDATA helped save the hospital both time, resources and in money
  • Customer was provided a full detailed list daily to track files and were able to retrieve these at any stage in the event of an emergency


By using ZircoDATA’s project team on-site, the hospital was able to focus on their business-critical work with peace of mind, knowing their files and boxes were being catalogued, packed, uplifted and lodged into our records centres daily.

  • Project supervisor provided for the entirety of the project allowing for easy communication between Customer and ZircoDATA
  • Customer was provided with a full detailed list every day to track files and were able to retrieve these at any stage