Case Study |


Substantial Girls College In NSW


Our customer, as part of their day to day management, was having difficulty managing their records and storing their documents. As part of the enrolment process and operational activity, their process were proving to be ineffective  made it difficult to find and time consuming to locate documents.

ZircoDATA was brought on to provide solutions to better manage the flow of their paper based records, to ensure documents were easily located and to create a process to avoid any future issues, similar to what they were currently encountering.


ZircoDATA placed staff on site to go through the current accumulated  documents, for the intent of providing processes to better manage document flow and help ensure each record and file is placed in a specific location.

Our team worked closely with our customer to review the current and future state by:

  • Providing direction for the flow from creation to storage of documents and files
  • Working with the customer to reduce scanning costs by advising how best to prepare documents
  • Providing the most effective solution for the digital transformation of their files


By managing the end-to-end process, we were able to provide our customer with a better process for their files and document management. With substantial cost saving activities, we reduced the wait time for locating documents and the processing of requests.

We also set our customer on a path to a full digital transformation journey providing long-term value and cost savings.

  • Better management of files and documents
  • Clear path to a digital future
  • Cost savings to the business