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Federal Government Authority


Our customer, a federal government authority agency was established to centralise the registration of all agricultural and veterinary chemical products to the Australian marketplace. In 2018, over 150 staff positions were relocated to regional New South Wales. With the bulk of the paper records held in the old office space, a digitisation program commenced in order to digitise 217,000 paper files held across both secondary storage at ZircoDATA’s record centre as well as on customer premises.

  • Large volume of paper records
  • Need to digitise to allow access by remote staff
  • No internal resources available to undertake project


ZircoDATA’s solution included uplift of 16,500 files from the Customer premises, and digitisation of over 40,000,000 images over a three year period.

Critical to ZircoDATA’s proposal was an option to enable knowledge workers within the Customer organisation to access files urgently, despite their remote location. The solution to this problem was to provide a scan on demand service, whereby a request could be submitted via email, and the required file retrieved from storage, and scanned within hours. ZircoDATA also established a weekly data transfer. With over 1.2 million images processed each month, which translated to over 120Gb weekly.

  • Over 217,000 files to be digitised by ZircoDATA over three years
  • 120-140Gb of data processed weekly and securely transferred to customer servers
  • Scan on demand service to enable urgent access to records


As a result of the digitisation project, our Customer staff were able to access records instantaneously rather than wait for retrieval and transport of physical records. In addition, all records which were previously held at the customer’s old premises were transferred to secondary storage at ZircoDATA’s, simplifying the move to regional NSW.

Digitisation of the records is a key element of our Customer’s digitisation strategy, assisting the agency to better serve its stakeholders as a digitally enabled regulator.

  • Reduction in onsite storage of physical records
  • Digitisation of physical records enables move to digitally enabled regulator