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Public Sector


Large Federal Research Agency


As Australia’s National Science agency, our Customer solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

As a federal government agency, our customer has very specific requirements to the management of their records. Before disposing of any record, each file must be reviewed and sentenced against the relevant Records Disposal Authority (RDA) to determine when a record may be legally disposed of, or if it needs to be permanently retained.

ZircoDATA was approached to help our customer review a large volume of records as the agency had neither the resources nor space to deal with the problem internally.

  • Large volume of unsentenced records
  • No internal resources available to undertake project


ZircoDATA provided a combined sentencing and digitisation to our Customer which incorporated review and appraisal of 61,000 files, over 2.5 kilometres of records!

ZircoDATA mobilised a project team, trained in interpreting our Customers Disposal Authority, and established a workflow which provided a consistent high-quality sentencing service. As each record was reviewed and appraised, files for destruction were sorted out, and critical contract records were identified for digitisation. Expired records were subsequently disposed of by secure shredding, and contract records digitised and then uploaded to our customers EDRMS.

  • 61,000 files sentenced
  • 8,000 boxes of records processed
  • Digitisation of critical records


As a result of the sentencing project, approximately 95% of records were authorised for destruction, and key contract documents were identified, and digitised. This resulted in a saving on storage costs, and also enabled critical contract documents to be uploaded to the agency’s EDRMS. Selective digitisation was significantly less costly than a 100% back-scan and enabled our Customer to have instant access to important records.

  • 95% reduction in stored records
  • Critical records scanned and uploaded to EDRMS