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Public Sector


Local Government Council


This particular Local Government Council is responsible for one of the largest urban areas in Australia. The council area is over 1,600 square kilometres. Planning for growth and maintaining the lifestyle that the community enjoys is important for the council.

With the ever-increasing population, there was an urgent requirement to create more suitable workspaces to allow for more productivity and a collaborative working environment to service their customers more effectively. The council had rooms full of Archive Records which could be transformed into functional workspaces.

  • Wasted space used to store records with low retrieval rate/requirement
  • Uncatalogued records which lead to loss of staff productivity trying to locate specific files


ZircoDATA understands that floor space is a precious commodity and utilised correctly can increase productivity and revenue. The solution provided included cataloguing all files (efficiently capturing all metadata and recording all required and necessary information) and providing this information to the customer via our online portal, ZircoBRIDGE. The council was then able to search for required files effectively and request any carton or specified files in either physical or digital format.

ZircoDATA provided a complete records management solution to the council which included cataloguing, packing, uplift and lodgement daily into our records centre.

  • Cataloguing of all files and storage in our secure facility


The council was able to focus on their business priorities and allow ZircoDATA to undertake the entire cataloguing project with peace of mind.

  • The Customer was provided with a fully detailed catalogued list to track all files and request a retrieval.
  • Full suite of services currently being used by Customer, such as: scan on demand for urgent file retrievals, entire holdings imaging project, ad hoc project work