Earth Day 2023: Being environmentally friendly

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

You undoubtedly already know how these three R’s may affect the environment, but did you realise they can also have a good impact on your financial situation? 

Green initiatives benefit both you and Mother Nature, and they’re increasingly gaining popularity as business tactics. They may boost productivity and savings, reduce waste, and foster consumer loyalty.  

ZircoDATA is dedicated to assisting companies in protecting their information while also minimising their environmental impact. We’re offering our advice on establishing a more sustainable workplace in observance of Earth Day. 

To determine how energy resources are used and where improvements might be made, conduct a company-wide audit 

The first step to determining where improvements may be made to guarantee more effective use of power, fuel, and water is understanding how much energy your organisation consumes. We discovered that using light timers and motion sensors may significantly reduce the amount of power used in our records centres through routine branch monitoring. These green modifications are now standard equipment in all branches, and we’ve transitioned to high-efficiency, long-lasting bulbs for all of our lighting. In order to ensure low emissions and maximise fuel economy on each route, we also closely monitor our delivery fleet, carry out routine maintenance inspections, and strategically time deliveries and pickups.  

To reduce the use of lighting, heating, and air conditioning in the office, think about switching all of the light bulbs to LED bulbs. 

Make the workplace healthy 

A green workplace may benefit people as well as the environment by contributing to the preservation of both. It goes without saying that happy employees are a benefit to a business. They are 3.1 times more productive and take fewer sick days, which saves businesses money on leave expenses. Encouragement of healthy lifestyles and clean eating can help reduce food waste, while also enabling employees to live happier, healthier lives. 

By lowering or eliminating harmful items, businesses may also promote healthier work conditions. To reduce waste, choose eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are free of dangerous chemicals and offer filtered water and reusable water bottles to staff members. 

Facilitate recycling 

By encouraging your staff to recycle paper, plastic, and other products, you can lessen the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Place recycling or shredding containers all across the workplace, and add a notice indicating what can and cannot be recycled or shredded so that team members can refer to it. 

Shredding papers that have reached the end of their retention period is a terrific method to get rid of unnecessary material from your workplace, ensure compliance, and lower your risk of data exposure. Verify that your shredding service recycles materials once they are destroyed. 

Make a sustainable investment in your company on this Earth Day. Find out how ZircoDATA can help!