Empowering Our Ladies

ZircoDATA sponsored and sent four of our ladies to the 2019 Business Chicks Conference held in Melbourne. The aim? To get some inspiration, unwind, relax and take away some epic informational gems and share it with our fellow ladies in business. After a challenging year, it was a refreshing change of pace to be treated to a day out of the office, mingling with fellow business chicks and likeminded women, all on a mission to really make changes whether in their personal or business lives. The day consisted of inspiring panels, meet and greets and talks that really encouraged all present to make positive changes and to take control. There was a lot of feel good vibes all round, and the conclusion of the event meant that there was also plenty to digest. Our ladies have taken the time to share a small snippet of the key takeaways from the event and what inspired and motivated them the most. Nektaria Salatas – HR Advisor Quote of the Day: “Don’t be afraid to dive, dive afraid…” was a stand out for me. It reinforced the importance of taking risks and that it’s ok to make mistakes. Key Takeaway: There were so many inspiring women who really embraced every challenge, women who took risks, experienced some failure but ultimately backed themselves all the way. It was a great day shared with colleagues I admire, it was inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking…just what we all needed. My top five takeaways:

  1. Take risks
  2. Back yourself
  3. Keep learning
  4. Make time for yourself
  5. Give back to the community

 Devlin Dallimore – Enterprise Account Manager Quote of the Day: “More moves, less announcements!” Key Takeaway: We heard from a lot of very impressive women, and I think the recurring theme was that they all backed themselves! They trusted their gut and even if they weren’t quite sure, they decided to jump anyway and for the most part they landed with success. Some of my takeaways:

  1. It’s OK to say NO
  2. It’s OK to ask for Help
  3. Don’t think about the other person when you’re asking for help – them being busy is their problem, not yours. Don’t do other people’s thinking for them
  4. Small changes in your thinking can help, for example, I’m scared and I’m going to do it anyway!

It was a great day, and I’m really happy we got to go. Debbie Lowcock – Management Accountant Quote of the Day: “Your uniqueness is your gift…” Key Takeaway: Great to spend the day with colleagues who we are all usually too busy to casually chat with and get to know.

  1. Sharing your problems and asking for help is not a weakness but a way to move forward for solutions.
  2. Women in general tend to be harder on themselves than men do.
  3. Playing in the ball pit is just as much fun as it looks!

Kershia Naidoo – Sales Operations Manager Quote of the Day: “My self-care is for everybody’s safety…”   Key Takeaway: There were so many powerful and self-aware women, that it was crazy intimidating, yet utterly inspiring. The whole vibe gave you the motivation and the push to start making positive changes which I badly needed. I think a key takeaway for me relates to control. It’s far too easy to get caught up in a myriad of tasks and responsibility and feel like you’re drowning. Putting boundaries in place and saying “No” when you need to and having those around you understand and respect those boundaries is so important.

  1. You don’t have to do everything
  2. Failure isn’t fun, but it allows you to re-focus and redirect your energies
  3. One thing at a time…
  4. Create opportunities for yourself (“Hope is not a strategy” – Emma Isaacs)

ZircoDATA believes that all team members have incredible potential and can achieve outstanding and amazing things as a team. We support all team members inclusively and are proud to empower our men and women to achieve their goals.