Retention is truly knowledge storage

Some people might think that document and record retention systems are just about hoarding piles of paper. But it’s important to understand that they are much more than that. These systems aren’t about storing old documents, they are about preserving knowledge and information. 

If a company doesn’t have a solid plan for keeping and managing their physical records, they might be making a big mistake. The records stored are not just pieces of paper. They are a collection of important data and information. 

One of the areas where document retention plays a key role is in storing reference materials. This could include a wide variety of items like articles, catalogs, how-to guides, case studies, and project notes. These may not seem very important on the surface, but safekeeping them can be critical for the company’s operations. 

The phrase, “No man is an island,” can be applied here to show the power of shared knowledge in a company. When employees know where to find the documents they need, and they know those documents are well-organised and safe, they can work more effectively. A good document retention system can help companies see what information their employees need most. It can help to identify any gaps in knowledge that need to be filled. 

Finding out what information employees need to know can guide a company’s training investments. Employees can contribute more to the company when they can share the knowledge they have. This can make the company more than just the sum of its parts. 

In conclusion, storing and keeping documents is about much more than just making sure files are safe. It’s about housing important knowledge that can help make important decisions that drive the success of the business.