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Secure Shredding & Destruction Provider Checklist

There are two types of providers when it comes to shredding and destruction services.

The first provides services that includes destroying your confidential information with no security measures in place to protect the information contained in the documents.

The other provides secure, certified shredding and secure destruction of a variety of sensitive documents and assets including paper-based records, hard drive and media and E-waste. Their services are supported with strict procedures for compliance throughout the process. They protect your brand and reputation from risk of data breaches as a result of mishandling of sensitive information.  

We have pulled together a checklist of things to consider in a Secure Shredding and Destruction services provider

  • Demonstrate excellence in customer service.
  • Are qualified and certified. 
  • Understand any legislation relevant to your industry. 
  • Processes are governed by strict chain of custody procedures. 
  • They provide peace of mind in tracking of your documents and assets throughout the process. 
  • Employees delivering the shredding and destruction have undergone extensive training and undergone background checks. 
  • Provide secure containers for documents prior to destruction.  
  • Uses cross-cut shredders and can accommodate other media types such as CDs and disks.  
  • Can provide a Certificate of Destruction. 
  • For paper shredding services are able to recycle non-sensitive information. 

Use this helpful checklist to ensure confidence when researching and selecting secure shredding and destruction services. To learn more about how ZircoDATA can help in securely destroying your sensitive data and confidential documents, click here.