Victoria Authorised Worker Vaccinations – UPDATED 9 December 2021

As you may be aware, the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions (Directions) require that specified workers in Melbourne and Regional Victoria must have their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by 15 October 2021 or have evidence by 15 October 2021 verifying a first dose booking for no later than 22 October 2021, in order to work on-site. In addition, specified workers must have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by 26 November 2021 in order to work on-site.

And or an exception applies where a worker has obtained certification from a medical practitioner that the worker is unable, due to a medical contraindication or an acute medical illness (including COVID-19) to receive a dose, or a further dose, of a COVID-19 vaccine.

At ZircoDATA we have implemented the above controls with all workers and additionally around Australia we can confirm that we will not supply team members to your site who have not been vaccinated in accordance with the government regulations.  Our workers will be able to provide appropriate evidence as required for entry purposes to your sites.

To ensure adherence to privacy requirements, we will not release these records but are happy to be audited as required to demonstrate controls that are in place.

ZircoDATA continues to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and have implemented extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of our Team Members and Clients. This is a top priority for our business and we continue to take the appropriate measures to ensure we adhere to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, as well as Government advice.

For further information, travel advisories and guidance from local government bodies, please click here.

We continue to prioritise core services to our customers, but we are continuing our restrictions on project work. The following services are active day to day:

 – Retrievals – SCOD – Imaging – Lodgements – Cataloguing – Transport

Our Victorian record centres continue to operate, however, in order to exercise an abundance of caution, we have paused site visits until further notice as to protect our team and wider community from unnecessary interactions.

If you have any questions of feedback, please click here to contact us.

What are we doing to protect our clients and our business?


ZircoDATA remains operational and is committed to ensuring minimal disruption to our Clients.

Our Client Care Team and Account Managers are working hard to keep our Clients informed and up-to-date regarding the practices currently in place at ZircoDATA. All new practices will be strictly adhered to, to minimise risk to both Team Members and Clients.

We will continue to review and update our practices as things change and stricter measures are applied. If any changes are implemented, we will share them here on our website.

In addition, we will communicate to Clients via email regarding how ZircoDATA can assist with additional services in these uncertain times, such as Scan-on-Demand and home deliveries, ensuring they can access what they need, providing solution advice and reinforcing the precautionary measures we have in place.

Key Client Information:

  • As your partner in records and information management, we have full digital capabilities and ask our Clients to consider whether their documents can be scanned and delivered electronically over this period (Scan on Demand service)
  • Clients are no longer being asked to sign on the PDA for delivery. As an alternative, our Team Members are noting down the name of  the authorised contact accepting delivery
  • In special circumstances, ZircoDATA will be able to deliver records to residential addresses where this is business-critical
    (please note that this is not a BAU service and will be assessed on a case by case basis)
  • If you choose to organise your own transport to pick up items from ZircoDATA premises, rather than have us deliver it to your business or home, please let us know. Additional verification measures will need to be taken.
  • If you are lodging new physical items, returning retrieved items, or requesting for items to be destroyed, you may choose to delay this until a later date
  • ZircoDATA has a virtual mailroom service which will allow us to handle your incoming mail and deliver it all electronically to
    authorised contacts in your business. This will help you minimise exposure to COVID-19 and prevents any requirement for you to
    physically handle any mail items

To enquire about any of the services suggested, or if you have any questions please contact your Account Manager directly or alternatively, please click here to get in touch with our friendly team.


Our aim is to maintain operations and Client services whilst taking care of the health of our Team Members.

We are operating as business as usual. There have been no slowdowns or stoppages to our business, just precautionary practices implemented and our operational and account management teams are aligned with the following information:

  • From 25th March, plastic tubs were removed from service for deliveries and replaced by ZircoDATA boxes which will be strapped. According to official studies, the virus can live up to 3-4 days on plastics.
  • Effective immediately, all inbound boxes will be quarantined for 24 hrs as a precautionary measure, as the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hrs. This measure does not impact any retrieval services, as if needed, urgent retrievals will take place within the quarantine area.
  • We currently do not have a requirement for our Clients to sign the PDA when deliveries are made, our drivers are now instructed to simply request the receivers name and document this against the delivery.
  • Interstate banking packets will be processed as normal.
  • Clients will receive a communication confirming our delivery options, if required, and will include SCOD, pick-ups from Record Centres and deliveries to residential addresses for special circumstances.
  • With regards to Record Centres, we have eliminated all onsite visitor access, including site tours with Clients, and postponed all non-essential maintenance.
  • Operationally, we are consulting with TMs to work across two teams or split shifts. This step is to mitigate the risk of exposure to the virus by limiting the number of people onsite at any given time.
  • We will continue to work at offsite projects/locations as required. Our Teams are instructed to follow the government requirements around safe distancing and hygiene, as well as reporting if the offsite location is not following these practices which could possibly pose a risk to our TMs.
  • We conduct a daily check-in with our Record Centre teams whereby we have a quick team huddle (at safe distances of course) to confirm their tasks for the day, log any concerns and of course, check on everyone’s health.


We will continue to provide essential services to our ​Clients while keeping the health, safety and well-being of our ZircoDATA family and Clients at the forefront of all measures we are implementing.

As we continue to operate the majority of our services, we are now offering some new services for Clients with essential needs such as Scan-on-Demand, Mail Scan & Distribute and Warehousing Emergency Supplies.  Our goal is to stay safe and keep your information available.

We have a number of protocols in place to reduce the risk/exposure to our Team Members and Clients.  Our procedures will continue to be updated and we will notify our Teams in accordance with Government advice.  The list below is just some of the new protocols we have put in place:

  • Team Members that can work from home are working from home
  • Social Distancing – remaining 1.5 meters apart at all time
  • No face-to-face meetings
  • No business travel
  • No visitors to any Record Centre
  • Wash hands regularly and practice good hygiene
  • Workstations to be cleaned and disinfected at the start and end of every shift
  • Split shifts for Team Members (morning and afternoon) to minimise exposure and stay operational
  • 24-hour quarantine zone for all incoming documentation into our Record Centres
  • COVID-19 daily checks at every site – reminding teams of hygiene, social distancing and individual welfare checks
  • Verbal and visual daily reminders to not come to work and stay home if Team Members are feeling unwell
  • Regular updates and reminders placed on TV screens located in every Record Centre
  • Flu vaccinations for all Team Members
  • Plastic tubs were removed from service for deliveries and replaced by ZircoDATA boxes which will be strapped.

ZircoDATA will continue to update and review measures currently in place and will adjust accordingly in line with Government advice.


The health and safety of our Team Members is paramount to ZircoDATA. This is essential to our business resilience and to enable business continuity.

Our governance and security measures around data and the privacy of your information remains strong. Recognising our role in supporting essential service industries, we will continue to collaborate with our supply chains for continuity of service.

ZircoDATA remains vigilant in responding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government directives and policies, and will enhance and adapt our business response to protect our people and recover from the evolving Covid-19 situation.

These positive measures will be our focus in the coming months and we will continue to be agile in responding to our Team Member and client needs.

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