Data breach response for small businesses

For a small firm, a data breach might spell disaster. In addition to the reputational damage, a company’s failure to protect information, particularly client information, can cost it millions of dollars in lost revenue. Small firms must be aware of the dangers of storing data on-site and the repercussions of security vulnerabilities. 

The average cost of a data breach in Australia is over $3 million and have several other financial repercussions. Companies that experience a breach may also incur indirect expenses from high client churn in addition to the direct costs linked to lost business. For instance, if a company’s reputation is damaged, their marketing activities will provide far less fruitful outcomes. In other words, it is crucial to avoid the theft of consumer information. 

While some businesses may find success in transferring certain consumer data to digital format and storing it in the cloud, it is not always feasible. Paper records must be kept for a variety of reasons, but if they are badly stored or unorganised inside the office, there may be a breach. Some firms could profit from storing data and documents with a reputable records storage company if on-site storage is deemed dangerous. Record storage companies utilise technologies that guarantee information security and adhere to the best standards for file storage. 

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