Little Steps to a Greener Office

Going Green! It is such a broad statement but what does it mean? In relation to the information management industry, we know there is a lot that we can do as a company and as a service provider to help us all take a step (no matter how big or small) in a greener direction.  

What can we do today?

We can start by making recycling simple and effective. Place recycle bins for all materials that are widely recycled around the office in multiple locations. Provide shredding consoles or activate a shred service, as not only are you ensuring the information your company no longer requires in gone for good, but all good shredding providers recycle the pulp produced by shredded paper. 

Digital transformation is not a new term, but the recent pandemic catapulted it on to every company’s board room table for discussion. From the security of a physical office to moving all activities into home offices overnight, digital transformation was prominently placed on the top of many businesses’ list of priorities. 

Understandable… but why mention it in relation to going green? 

Digital Transformation, in the world of records management, goes beyond securing your most important data and streamlining your information management and handling processes. By transferring your information to an online system and storing that information in a secure and accessible format, you immediately reduce the need for paper documents and document reproduction. Plus, there is an added bonus! Your company will save money. Employee time spent searching through documents can be significantly reduced with a searchable database (but we’ll keep the additional money saving pointers for another blog ☺️). 

And operationally?

Conducting a company-wide audit to assess how energy resources are used and if improvements can be made is a giant step in the right direction. Are the appliances within the office energy efficient? Can you replace bulbs with LED versions? Do you utilise vehicles within your company and if so, is it possible to switch to electric versions where possible? Starting with one vehicle is a step in the right direction. Another benefit to working from home? Reduces your company’s lighting, heating and air conditioning usage. Recently, here at ZircoDATA, we had solar panels installed at a record centre and plan to increase on those installations

Little changes can make big differences when they are combined. There are so many excellent resources available including and a recent post on the WWF website noting Resolutions for a Green Office