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Cost-effective business transformation begins with optimising your information management processes.

Pricing for Secure Records Management, Document Storage, Culling and Cataloguing Services

Outsourcing records management to ZircoDATA enhances data security and streamlines your business operations. We employ strict security measures, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorised access and data breaches.

Furthermore, we assist you to optimise office space, reduce administrative overhead, and simplify record retrieval. In addition, with ZircoDATA’s advanced cataloguing systems, you gain quick and accurate access to essential documents, freeing your business to focus on core operations.

A stack of documents on a bright background

Document Storage

For organisations dealing with limited storage capacity and a wealth of records and sensitive information, cost-effective document storage solutions are crucial.

  • Accredited and compliant facilities and processes
  • Temperature and humidity controlled vaults
  • Access to ZircoBRIDGE, web-based customer portal
  • 24×7 facilities monitoring
  • Quick and easy retrieval
  • Dedicated and proficient workforce.
The shredded paper on light blue background.

Culling & Cataloguing

We can assist you with records and information culling to prepare them for secure storage, and our cataloguing service will streamline the process of locating information.

  • Accredited and compliant processes
  • Access to ZircoBRIDGE, web-based customer portal
  • Small or large scale projects
  • Physical & digital assets linked
  • Recall efficiency and improved visibility
  • Dedicated and proficient workforce.

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