Secure Storage Document management

The Importance of Document Management and Records Storage

Identifying and selecting fit-for-purpose secure storage for the volumes of documents and information produced by your business could be the difference between minimising operational costs or forever being buried in inefficiencies and unnecessary operational costs in searching for information.

Even though the way businesses operate has changed in a post-pandemic world – from the increasing uptake in digital to the way we work – what hasn’t changed is the core role documents and information have in business processes.

Ensuring your information is organised, secure, easily accessible and retrievable in a cost-effective way is, perhaps, more important than ever. Whether it’s working-from-home (WFH) considerations and complexities in accessibility and security of vital business information, delivering customer service, and responding to staff needs, your business reputation counts on you being agile and pivoting to these changing demands.

Centralised document management and storage makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it. There are several options to choose from and a records management storage specialist can help you determine the right solution to meet your needs.

Here we take a look at the benefits of offsite records storage and how reputable information management service providers can not only ensure you meet your legislative obligations, but also deliver accessibility efficiencies and, ultimately, cost savings.

Regulatory Compliance

It is likely that if you are reading this, your business is subject to various federal and/or state legislation and regulations relating to records management. Additionally, depending on your industry sector, there will be various regulations to comply with, that are always subject to change. This can create risk to your business if not kept up-to-date, adding lengthy review timelines and external legal review costs to your finite budget.

It is critical that your business retains legal and regulatory compliance currency for records management obligations specific to your particular industry and business needs. With an external records management partner, you will be assured that the specialist support provided, will deliver tailored and best practice solutions for your operational and business-critical documents. 


Storing business-critical or sensitive records holding personal data at your office location(s) creates risks that they can be damaged, lost or stolen.

Professional records storage organisations provide secure locations that protect paper and electronic records against natural disasters, unauthorised access and security breaches. Team members that store and access your information, plus external visitors, are required to comply with legislative and security requirements when on site.

Fast and efficient access

Searching for documents takes time and wastes time. On average, employees spend 36 percent of their day looking for and consolidating information. 44% of the time they can’t find the information and have to recreate it, meaning a real cost to your business.

Records management partners that provide integrated document storage solutions that combine physical storage plus scanning solutions for digital access, can make a real difference to your business. Instead of waiting for paper files to be delivered in person, your files or individual documents, can be scanned, digitised and emailed through.

Reputable records management organisations can provide operational efficiencies, saving you both time and cost searching for records and managing the filing or storage of business documents. Staff wants to spend their time productively on delivering results and not be burdened by lost time searching for the information needed. Business-critical information should be easy to locate and retrieve.

Increase office space and improve productivity

As businesses reduce their need for office space due to downsizing, consolidation and the increase in people WFH, having business documents stored offsite reduces the need to pay for onsite filing in prime, and expensive, office real estate.

By transferring your paper documents/files offsite or digitising them and storing electronically, you can experience both office space efficiencies and productivity improvements operations by maximising space. Whether the objective is to maximise office space for COVID social distancing requirements, for storage of essential business supplies, or another purpose, your office space can be utilised more efficiently.

Secure management of confidential and sensitive records storage is essential for every organisation. Outsourcing this task can save you and your business a significant amount of time, money, and unnecessary wastage.

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