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Why Translation for Your Business is Like a Window on the World

Buyers seeking to buy a product are most likely to choose one which markets the product in their language. This provides them with the information they require when deciding to make a purchase. Some companies still believe that if they market their products overseas in English it will gain enough reputation to attract many buyers. Unfortunately, this isn’t normally the case today and the only way to grow its customer base is for the company is to provide translations in the languages of the countries which they intend to target. This includes favourable descriptions of the product, reviews provided by satisfied customers and marketing material that describes the benefits of owning the product. By doing this the business becomes a window on to the world.

Translations help to ensure a company’s product is legal

When marketing a product to overseas markets, the host countries often require that the company provides details about the product so it can be sure the product is legally compliant with any of the country’s laws. Information required is often for products like children’s toys, healthcare and electrical products. The information needs to be translated into the language of the country where the product is marketed. If the product’s description cannot be understood due to a poor translation then the company may be asked to withdraw it from the country’s market.

Multilingual customer support is required today

For a company to be completely global, it needs to have developed a strategy for providing customer support for its product on a worldwide scale and in the languages of the countries targeted for the selling of the product. Customer support can more easily be provided today by multilingual speakers in call centres who can address any issues brought up by customers. Increasingly today a company’s website has a communication tool embedded into its website which enables customers to be connected online with a person who can provide additional information about the product and offer solutions when the product doesn’t do the job it’s expected to do.

Companies that wish to expand into global markets are now finding out that it is difficult to get international customer support just right and what it manages to offer often determines whether its marketing is a success.

Videos help with the marketing of a product

Companies are increasingly providing instructional videos about their products. This includes user manuals and troubleshooting guides when a product fails to function. However, they need to provide subtitles or voice-overs in different languages so that buyers abroad can gain from the videos. With an increase in technology, video is now becoming more affordable to translate so it is likely to be a trend for businesses in their future marketing strategies.

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Marketers for businesses can no longer focus on marketing to one market. They need to use the best features on their websites which includes providing translations in many different languages. To ensure the growth of the international business the translations must be accurate which means not just depending on automated translation tools but seeking help from experienced human translators.

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