Financial Document Shredding Company In Australia

Why Should You Choose a Financial Document Shredding Company in Australia?

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you are in, you will produce large amounts of financial data. And while you will store and access this data electronically or in the cloud, you will often still need to print financial documents for a range of scenarios.

It is critical for both regulatory compliance and in meeting customer expectations that sensitive financial data your business produces or receives is securely protected and any physical copies destroyed. The best option for disposing of sensitive papers in your office is to have them securely and safely destroyed by a document shredding company. This will protect your business from risks such as identity theft and data breaches.

Businesses can be at risk of a data breach at any time. This occurs when personal information is lost, accessed or shared without approval.

Identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently uses another person’s name and personal information for their own benefit (for example, to obtain credit, loans etc). This is even more concerning today when you consider that private information can be accessed by additional means, such as social media.

A document shredding company is the answer to securely and safely destroying financial records. It also protects you from unauthorised access to sensitive financial data, potential regulatory penalties, data breaches and reputational damage, increasing storage costs, loss of customer confidence and trust in your business.

When Should I Shred My Financial Documents?

There are a number of financial records created by businesses including, but not limited to, tax invoices, receipts, salary and wage records, tax returns and activity statements. The length of time you are required to keep them can vary by industry and government, but generally range between 5 and 7 years. Post this, it is highly recommended that your business considers financial document shredding of this data.



Searching for a Trusted Financial Document Shredding Company in Australia?

When considering a provider for your financial document shredding needs, providers can be generally categorised into two groups.

Group 1: this group provides financial document destruction services but have no security measures in place that protect the information contained in the documents, putting your business at risk.

Group 2: this group provides secure, certified shredding and secure destruction of sensitive financial documents that are supported with strict procedures for compliance, protecting your business from risk of data breaches as a result of mishandling of information.

Why choose ZircoDATA for financial Document Shredding?

ZircoDATA not only offers secure shredding of your sensitive financial documents, we also provide hard drive destruction for digital records that you may hold in different formats. With ZircoDATA you can be assured that:

  • Our teams are qualified and we are certified in delivering safe and professional financial document shredding and destruction services
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion and experience full chain of custody throughout the process to protect your sensitive information.