Data Security and Working from Home – The New Partnership

Information, data, vital records, crucial files, indispensable reports, critical scans – Within the foundations of every company lies information. This bank of information lends its own weight in value for each company but no matter the format that it takes, it needs to be protected.

Due to the current worldwide pandemic we are all living through, many companies have to change their policies in order to function on a day-to-day basis. Rather than not permitting certain information to leave the four walls of a company base, those rules must now be sanctioned in order for some businesses to survive. The secret Data Security Officer that lives inside many of us may start to feel some levels of discomfort.

That’s where we can lend some advice and provide some guidance on the solutions that are readily available and easy to implement. One conversation with our awesome Client Care Team or your Account Manager is all it takes to get started.

Electronic Records Management
With our range of digital access solutions, we can create secure legal archives of your data and safely store them in our web-based repository. Access to our searchable electronic records management system will be provided to your authorised users.

Secure Records Management
If you thought your office was getting over-crowded, that home office doesn’t stand a chance. With secure purposely built Records Centres, that’s sole purpose is to house, protect and secure information, it is the ideal way to ensure your information is protected to the highest standard. For some business-critical clients, we also conduct residential deliveries.

Scanning and Digitisation
If you require the need for just one file or various files, we offer a range of scanning services that allow for that. One of those services, that is ideal when working from home, is Scan-on-Demand. Within our secure online client portal ZircoBRIDGE, you can request the file or information you need, select Scan-on-Demand and from there, an electronic version will be stored in your account and available for viewing at any time.

Data Breach Reporting
Cybercriminals see the Covid19 crisis as an ideal opportunity to attack. From sharing unofficial notices to using scare tactics that download malware in a click, it’s critical your team is extra vigilant during these times. With our Data Breach Reporting service, you’ll be in good hands should the worst happen. This reporting service enables you to accurately report your breach within the regulated timeframe with the added benefit of taking the worry & fear out of complying with regulatory bodies.

To implement any of the services above or to learn more, contact our friendly Client Care team via or 13 ZIRCO (13 94 72). Or contact your Account Manager directly.

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