International Women’s Day 2020 | Ashley Gunal

It’s officially March and the celebrations and preparations for International Women’s Day is in full swing. Tell us more about your role and what this entails? What do you enjoy about your job? My role at ZircoDATA is to manage, allocate, analyse and represent financial data to provide stakeholders with reliable and relevant information for effective decision making. I am the ZircoDATA contact for capital projects, asset management, insurance and any business activities with a financial impact. What singular moment in your career or personal life has made a significant impact on your personal and/or career development? Having children has given me a new perspective on life and what’s important. I need to succeed not only for me but for my family. I’m striving more than ever to learn, grow and achieve bigger things. Over the past 10 years my employment with ZircoDATA has been diverse and dynamic. I have been involved in company divestment, acquisitions, structure conversions, software conversions and learnt from various leadership styles and corporate cultures. This years theme for International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual which is about “Collective Individualism”. What does “Collective Individualism” mean to you as part of your role at ZircoDATA or individually?  Collective Individualism is the collaboration of minds, encouraging individuals to be innovative and creative. At ZircoDATA I am given the opportunity to create and implement processes which will enhance the effectiveness of my role. I feel empowered to continuously challenge how to do things better for the greater success of the company. Who is your mentor or role model in business and why?  My current role models in business are friends of mine who gave up everything to create a business environment of their own. I’ve known them since the start when they were living off 2 minute noodles, skipping brunch dates and dinner parties, getting shut down and judged constantly by “friends” but still remained focused on their dreams. They are now generating millions in revenue, striving for continuous improvement and creating a company personality of collective individualism. What advice would you have given to your younger self if you had the opportunity?  Knowledge is power. Find your passion, become a specialist but also learn a little about a lot, be diverse. And invest young. Tomorrow, we will get to know a bit more about Jessica Sam, who is constantly challenging herself and stepping out of her comfort zone and role to help wherever needed.