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The Importance of a Workplace Recycling Policy and Its Implementation

Recycling stands as a fundamental practice for businesses committed to sustainable operations. Statistics reveal that the average office worker consumes up to 10,000 pieces of paper annually1. However, sustainability should…

11 May, 2023

Effective Records Management Practices in Australia

The lifecycle of business information and its corresponding records extends from creation to eventual disposal. However, the quality and integrity of each stage in the management process are pivotal to…

02 Dec, 2022

Secure Hard Drive Disposal: Minimising Data Breach Risks with ZircoSHRED

In our increasingly digital world, the use of digital storage methods like hard drives has surged, particularly with the growing prevalence of hybrid work environments. Despite this surge, many businesses…

01 Aug, 2022

Guidelines for Records Management Among Remote Workers

In today’s era, characterised by the dominance of data, the responsibility to safeguard confidential information is paramount. Whether this information pertains to your customers, employees, or your organisation, negligence in…

22 Nov, 2021

ZircoSHRED Fact Sheets

Download ZircoSHRED’s ‘What to Shred’ fact sheet By law you must protect personal data and confidential information of your customers, employees and your company. Entities must take reasonable steps to…

01 Jul, 2021

ZircoSHRED Product Sheets

Download ZircoSHRED’s ‘Security Units’ product sheet On a regular scheduled service, our security consoles provide a secure and convenient solution to workplace paper disposal requirements, promoting permanent data protection and…

01 Jul, 2021
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